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A piece of art special made for you!

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Options for custom made paper art

Papercut portraits

Would you like a papercut portrait of yourself and your loved ones? Go to my page about papercut portraits.

Pet portraits

Would you like your pet in papercut? Go to my page about pet portraits.

pet portraits

Something else

If you would like something else than the options given that is also possible! Please press the button below and fill out the form.

Custom made art by Fernanda

While decorating your home you might consider decorating it with some art. One of the most unique ways to decorate it is with art that is special made for you. A piece of art that means something to you.

I have been making custom made paper art for many people. To make something meaningful to people is what I love to do.

What clients say about their custom made paper art

papercut portrait review

I am completely in love with Fernanda’s work. The pieces are rich in detail and stunningly beautiful! I could not be happier to have her work on my wall.

– Paula Beatriz

papercut portrait review

I bought a poster from Fernanda to complete the decoration of our home. When we received the poster the feeling we had was: our home is more cozy. The whole experience was great, from opening the beautiful package until choosing a place to hang our new piece of artwork.

– Gabriela Muniz

papercut portrait review

Beautiful artwork! There’s so much detail in this, truly beautiful. I can also see Fernanda puts a lot of attention to packaging, so you have a great experience with your order all the way!

– Lis Aimbiré

Special Made for you

Custom made art gives you the opportunity to decide what elements you want in the artwork. Also the color arrangement can be decided to make it fit within your excisting decoration.

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pet portraits

What does the process look like?

1. Get in contact

First you should fill out the form on this page and describe what you would like to have in papercut and in what size you would like it.

2. Settle the details

I will respond to your request and together we settle on the details, such as colors, size, and shape of the artwork. You can also send me a few pictures of the subject that you would like in papercut.

3. Work in progress

After we settled on the details I will start working on the artwork. This process will take a few days. This is due to the fact that the artwork is all made by hand.

4. The art is coming home

After the artwork is finished I will take some pictures of it and send it to you to confirm that you like it. Once it is in the way that you like it I will send you the artwork to your address.

Something else

Describe below what you would like and I will let you know if it is possible and what the price would be.