Vincent’s Mind

a portrait of Van Gogh

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Vincent’s Mind by Fernanda

Decorating your home with a special piece of art is what I love to do. Choosing Vincent van Gogh to star in one of my artworks was no coincidence. As a child I grew up seeing my mother decorating our home with prints of his artwork. I learnt to love his paintings and saw yellow becoming one of my favorite colors. To the person buying this piece, I hope Vincent will make your home come even more to life.

One of a kind

Vicent van Gogh was a very special person and truly one of a kind. As all my artwork is made by hand this piece is also one of a kind. Meaning two things: you will not find it anywhere else, and there is only one piece that will not be recreated.

papercut art vincent's mind


In this artwork I tried to capture the different kinds of details that Vincent is famous for. I used his famous self portrait as a inspiration for his character. For the background I made a reference to his famous painting Starry night, which is made by papercut and watercolor. The circle is decorated with sunflowers as it is one of his favourite objects to paint. With all of these details combined I tried to give a little view inside of “Vincent’s mind”.

What social media says about Vincent’s Mind

papercut portrait review


papercut portrait review

Wow… this is beyond beautiful… ❤️

papercut portrait review

amazing 👏👏😍😍

What Vincent’s mind could look like at your home

vincent's mind decor
Vincent's mind decoration

Features of the artwork

  • Size (without frame):  25cm x 20cm
  • Material: Textured paper, watercolor paper, watercolor paint
  • Frame included?: yes
  • Shipping: worldwide

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